Ord 326 Chapter 6 Animals

WHEREAS, the Town of Hamilton has experienced an increase of reports of dogs at large and such dogs threatening the citizens and visitors of the Town, and
WHEREAS, the Town previously enacted Ordinances providing for the detention of dogs which are dangerous to the populace, and
WHEREAS, the State Laws pertaining to dangerous dogs have undergone substantial amendments, and
WHEREAS, it is necessary for the protection of the citizens of the Town of Hamilton and the general preservation of public peace and safety,
SECTION 1: The following Ordinancos aro hereby ropealed:
Ordinance 142 Control of Dogs
Ordinance 137 Dangerous Dogs
Ordinance 77 Animals at Large
Ordinance 60 Dog Licenses
Ordinance 43 Animals at Large
SECTION 2: That Ordinance 179, Zoning, is amended to read as follows:

Under Section 10.15, R-1, Residential Single Dwelling 10.15.040 Additional Regulations E. Horses, beef cattle or other domestio-farm-animals-are permitted on the condition that the number-of-animals-not exceed -a ratio of 1 per ¼ acre of fenced pasture area:
The keeping of mink, goats, foxes or-hogs is-prohibited.

Keeping of animals: See Title 6 of the Hamilton Municipal Code for regulations regarding animals.
Under Section 10.18, -A Residential-Agriculture Zoning
10.18.020 Permitted primary uses

B. Agriculture – the raising of crops and animals, except commercial hogs, on the land in conformity with state law and county health ordinances. Buildings for the housing of horses, cattle, sheep or similar stock shall be at least 100 feet from the nearest property line and shall not exceed 6 animal units. Said stock shall not exceed one animal unit per ¼ acre of fences pasture considering pasture-rotation: See Title 6 of the Hamilton Municipal Code for regulations regarding animals.

SECTION 3: That Title 6 of the Hamilton Municipal Code is hereby created and adopted, which enacted Title shall read as follows:


Chapter 6.01
6.01.010 Purpose
6.01.020 Definitions

Chapter 6.05
Dogs not permitted at large

6.05.040 At large without license
6.05.050 Entering places where food is stored, served or prepared
6.05.060 Requirement for disposal
6.05.070 License and registration required
6.05.080 License Application
6.05.090 License Fee
6.05.100 Lost Tag
6.05.110 Limitation on Number
6.05.120 Excessive Noise Prohibited
6.05.130 Impounding of Offending Animals
6.05.140 Impoundment – Registry – Notice
6.05.150 Impoundment – Redemption – Costs
6.05.160 Impoundment – Redemption – Destruction
6.05.170 Disposition of Procoeds from Sale of Impounded Animals
6.05.180 Impoundment – Conditions Upon Release
6.05.190 Impounding for observation
6.05.200 Dog Chasing Vehicles
6.05.210 Arrest of Animal
6.05.220 Harboring Animal in Violation of Articles
6.05.230 Hot Pursuit – Entry of Owner’s Premises

6.05.240 Care of Impounded Animals 
6.05.250 Impoundment – Retention Time.
6.05.260 Penalty for violation
6.05.270 Animal Abuse
6.05.280 Cruelty to animals

Chapter 6.08 – Dangerous Dogs or Potentially Dangerous Dogs 
6.08.010 Declaration of Potentially Dangerous Dogs or Dangerous Dogs
6.08.020 Registration of Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dogs
6.08.030 Restraint Requirements for Potentially Dangerous or Dangerous Dogs
6.08.040 Penalties
6.08.060 Rabies – Confinement of Suspected Animal
6.08.070 Rabies – Suspected Animal Slain by Animal Control officer
6.08.080 Enforcement

Chapter 6.15 – Livestock and Other Animals.
6.15.005 Limitations on type of livestock
6.15.010 Running at large prohibited
6.15.020 Impoundment
6.15.030 Notice
6.15.040 Sale
6.15.050 Charge for impoundment
6.15.060 Redemption
6.15.070 Reclaiming without permission
6.15.080 Driving, Leading or Riding Horses and Cattle
6.15.090 Horses on Specified Lands, Streets, Roads and/or Streets
6.15.100 Power to Restrict
6.15.110 Maintaining Offensive Conditions – At Large
6.15.120 Violation a Public Nuisance
6.15.130 Penalty for Violation
6.15.140 Swine and goats prohibited with exception
6.15.150 Barns and structures
6.15.160 Fences
6.15.170 General space and care requirements
6.15.180 Proximity to residences and occupied buildings
6.15.190 Hitching or tethering livestock
6.15.200 Light required at night
6.15.210 Ordinance cumulative
6.15.220 Permitting
6.15.230 Issuance of livestock permits
6.15.240 Permits – Keeping, mailing, contents, alteration
6.15.250 Revocation of permits
6.15.260 Notice – Service
6.15.270 Violations 

6.17.010 Purpose
6.17.020 Administration and enforcement.
6.17.030 License – Compliance with regulations.
6.17.040 Licensing procedures.
6.17.050 Issuance – Term – Renewals
6.17.060 Regulations.
6.17.070 Revocation of license.
6.17.080 Violations.

Disclaimer of Liability